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I just found this on the web and it has been here since 2004.  Its amazing how free and good stuff can be found.

  I can imagine Locost enthusiast being warm and welcoming bunch of people ever so helpful to sort you out.
It is a link from within a Locost 7 fraternity website.  I have only read a few pages before deciding to post this link.  It looks very serious and tidy.  Amazing.


Lotus submits new plan to stem losses

Lotus submits new plan to stem losses.

I wish I was part of the turnaround plan.  But alas dear Yorick; it takes more than just passion for a product to enable the company to regain millions of pounds.  It needs astute business sense.  Car and Driver reported Lotus will not be joining the Paris show this year.  I think its a wise decision.

At least for the time being, they need to get out of motorsports.  Sell the Neo as a Lotus brand (wishful thinking).  It was designed by Lotus anyway.  It was designed with the UK market in mind.  Proton wanted to buy into MG by selling the idea of Gen 2 for the Rover 200 and a Neo for MG ZR.

I do really believe that the team in DRB will make it stick.  It seems just hard to accept why they wouldn’t put a CPS engine for the Elise 1.6 and CFS for Elise S.  If the English people think its belittling, tell them its designed by Lotus for goodness sake.  Put a Lotus Cam Valley Cover on the engine.

If the people want cheap thrills, this is it; Elise with an S4PH engine made in Malaysia, Assembled in UK?  At least it gives them jobs.  And hopefully, they’ll shove it up Jeremy’s xxxx if he bats an eyelid over it.

Understanding Structures

Airplanes are such a wonder.  When I grew up, I wanted to become a pilot.  I actually took a Diploma so that I would have more than the minimum requirement to apply for one.  That interest is still within me and goes hand in hand with the hobby right now.

Design Analysis of the Zeke 32 Hamp – Mitsubishi A6M3.

internal view


Here is an analysis of frame work from fore to aft of the fuselage of the Japanese World War 2 fighter plane.  If we study the drawings, there is an extensive use of lightening holes.  Of interest is the location and shape of the holes.  Some holes were ‘drawn’.  Drawn holes are those that have ridges along its perimeter.  Drawing is pulling material away from its original shape.  Sheet metal can either be Cold Drawn or Hot Drawn.  They were not just mere gaps in the structure to reduce weight.  Drawn holes are formed to increase strength of the structure.

Imagine if you have a table with four legs.  If the table was wide enough, the middle of the table would sag if you put heavy weights on it.  Now if you had a table with eight legs, it can stand a lot more weight. This is an analogy.  In truth, the load of the frame (or former in the fuselage) comes from the skin of the airplane, on the outside of the frame.  The former needs to be thick enough to stand the load.  In some cases, the former has flat lands on each side. It would look like the letter “I”.  In structures and civil engineering, we call this the I-beam.  So the former can withstand no just pressure from the outside, but is rigid.

Many automobiles monocoque structures heavily relied on designs from airplanes.  In fact, Colin Chapman was an Aeronautical Engineer before delving into the world of automotive engineering.


In the course of doing modifications to the car.  One needs to make research before one picks up a tool.  One needs to make research to know which tool is suitable.  Research that I have done is primarily internet based of which there are several websites that now becomes a vault of knowledge.

The majority of the source is from the UK.  The main reason behind this is that there seems to be commonality and historical links with Malaysia.

is an Australian based group of people which have received my highest respect for being unselfish in being a bottomless pit of information.  This is the main resource that I went to get most ideas and information.

 is a UK based retail website that sells aftermarket products.  If you ask, they can mail you a hardcopy of their catalogue.

Car Builders Solutions is yet another UK based retail website.  They are primarily focused on the Kit Car market segment in the UK.  Their catalogue is updated often and can be downloaded.

tasty nuts is my main source of alloy fasteners.  Up to the point in writing, I could not find any other source of reliable and online friendly website that deals with nuts and bolts.  They are also known as tasty bolts!

It also helps if you have a training in Mechanical Engineering to have a full understanding of the reason for the way I do things.