In the course of doing modifications to the car.  One needs to make research before one picks up a tool.  One needs to make research to know which tool is suitable.  Research that I have done is primarily internet based of which there are several websites that now becomes a vault of knowledge.

The majority of the source is from the UK.  The main reason behind this is that there seems to be commonality and historical links with Malaysia.

is an Australian based group of people which have received my highest respect for being unselfish in being a bottomless pit of information.  This is the main resource that I went to get most ideas and information.

 is a UK based retail website that sells aftermarket products.  If you ask, they can mail you a hardcopy of their catalogue.

Car Builders Solutions is yet another UK based retail website.  They are primarily focused on the Kit Car market segment in the UK.  Their catalogue is updated often and can be downloaded.

tasty nuts is my main source of alloy fasteners.  Up to the point in writing, I could not find any other source of reliable and online friendly website that deals with nuts and bolts.  They are also known as tasty bolts!

It also helps if you have a training in Mechanical Engineering to have a full understanding of the reason for the way I do things.


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