Lotus submits new plan to stem losses

Lotus submits new plan to stem losses.

I wish I was part of the turnaround plan.  But alas dear Yorick; it takes more than just passion for a product to enable the company to regain millions of pounds.  It needs astute business sense.  Car and Driver reported Lotus will not be joining the Paris show this year.  I think its a wise decision.

At least for the time being, they need to get out of motorsports.  Sell the Neo as a Lotus brand (wishful thinking).  It was designed by Lotus anyway.  It was designed with the UK market in mind.  Proton wanted to buy into MG by selling the idea of Gen 2 for the Rover 200 and a Neo for MG ZR.

I do really believe that the team in DRB will make it stick.  It seems just hard to accept why they wouldn’t put a CPS engine for the Elise 1.6 and CFS for Elise S.  If the English people think its belittling, tell them its designed by Lotus for goodness sake.  Put a Lotus Cam Valley Cover on the engine.

If the people want cheap thrills, this is it; Elise with an S4PH engine made in Malaysia, Assembled in UK?  At least it gives them jobs.  And hopefully, they’ll shove it up Jeremy’s xxxx if he bats an eyelid over it.


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