How to drive fast News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip – Jalopnik

How to drive fast News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip – Jalopnik.

The title of the article seems a bit extreme. But when you read it, in truth it still does promote braking before the corner.  The question is when do you bring the power on.  When we take into account front wheel drive cars, where the weight distribution is biased towards the front wheels, then it makes more sense.

A front heavy car would understeer easily.  Manufacturers tend to like it this way as it is easily corrected by a novice driver.  Reduce the throttle and you bring back traction to the front where the tyres now steers better at reduced lateral or sliding force.  It is another ideology that the sum result of force is always at a fixed value.  The only part that differs is the force of acceleration.  Due to inherent design of a car, in an acceleration, the car loses energy very quickly.  This is caused by wind resistance, bigger contact area being subjected to the road as opposed to sliding.

The Satria Neo R3 comes standard with a front splitter.  It functions to provide vertical force when driven at speed. as expected when you accelerate out of a corner.  This added vertical force, keeps the front tyres down to provide more traction when exiting a corner.  This is about the only function that serves the car well.  In normal straight line, constant speed, the force is minimal.  You can see this as forward acceleration results in more downforce.  Force, being a result of mass and acceleration.  If there was to be forward force, acceleration must accompany.

If you look at the design of the splitter, its leveled straight on the underside.  If it was not flat, you would cause dense air to enter the engine bay and mix with the lowered pressure of hot air from the radiator.  This would cause a positive lift and therefore reduced grip on the tyres.  Therefore lies the conundrum.  A flat surface helps in keeping airflow turbulence in check.


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