Secondary Intake Pt 3

At the end of this project, I remembered when I was roughly 12 years of age, I was into making model spaceships.  I had picked up a magazine about Scratch Building.  Initially it was to make a diorama for my scale models.  But it grew on to making a complete spaceship out of two aluminium cans and one plastic cap.  The cap became the engine exhaust.  I had painted it white and took a picture of it with black paper as the background.   That was my experience with working with house hold items.

View of internal of air scoop.

What air would see before being sucked

I wanted to cap off this project with something spectacular.  But then I kept reminding myself of the reason why I did this.  It is to make things as simple as can be.  Hopefully it would inspire ordinary men on the streets to come out with their own ideas in increasing efficiencies of anything they have.  All the items I used can be bought from the nearest hardware store.  Even the tools; which is a knife.  That is the beauty of science; it does not limit to rich people, it does not want to burden people.  In fact it enlightens to those who seek it.  It does not provide the glitzy glamour of a high priced premium aftermarket which endears the modding community here.  But it does save money for the rest of the working people.  If they could only open their eyes to possibilities.

I decided to increase the intake are of the flexible pipe by having a scoop.

Recycle Reuse Reborn

If you are like me, I have a shed which I keep all chemicals, paint, thinner and lubes stored on the top shelf.  I had a small bottle of Automatic Transmission Oil which is quarter full.  The shape of the bottle was interesting.  It had a sloping line before it meets the cap.  It also had different radiuses as its edge.  This was significant to meeting my requirement.  The hole where I inserted the front end of the intake has a matching shape.  When I tried it on it was a perfect match.

I had to cut the hose further as the bottle will be using up the length.  I inserted into the bottle’s neck and taped it with Electrical Tape.  I then inserted this below the headlight cluster and left it there.  It fit snugly and there was no need to tie down the white hose further.

While feeling satisfied at how the project turned out, one can never truly be complacent.  What was very apparent from the beginning was that I was toying with household items which others never think of being an engineered product.  What may be difficult to find 10 years ago, has become common and the price of these have gone down.  While I would be most challenged to make a purpose built equipment, nothing beats simplicity.  This mod project truly embodies the reason for this blog.  Anyone could do this project.  He doesn’t need to have an AutomotiveFits nice and snug

Engineering degree.  Its just a matter of wanting and how bad you want it.
Tonight I took the family out to take an opportunity to test the set up with full load.  It was satisfactory.  “Sorry bout that Mr. CR-Z! I’m doing an experiment!”


I am just about finished with this project.  Even though its a relatively short testing period, I am well convinced that it has met its objective.  The objective was to reduce average fuel consumption.  The method is not new but I believe it is for this Proton model.  People may think that just because it works for a highly engineered product that it will not work on others.  They are well and truly misjudging its benefit and impact.  An engine in an old car is still an engine in a new one.  The fundamentals remain the same.  I have now increased the fuel efficiency of the car by 30% in Highway mode.  It should reflect a fuel saving of not less than 20% on average through the entire journey.  But I seriously doubt  it could improve the FC during idling.  That is a project to be done in another day.  I look forward to working with others on a similar project.


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