Preve Hatchback Spyshot.

VID-20130108-00000.3GP_000036346This is the new Preve Hatchback that has been going around the local scene.  It was detected on the highway leading from KL towards KLIA airport.  It was seen exiting USJ ramp which is quite close to Proton’s production plant in Shah Alam.  The hatch is allegedly powered by Proton’s first forced induction engine which carries the moniker CFE or Campro Fuel Efficiency.  Therefore an amorous Volkswagen Polo Sedan would need to give a bit more if he wants to woo the new car.  The new hatch ignores his advances completely and waits for something better to come her way.

VID-20130108-00000.3GP_000026836A five door hatch with about the same height ad build of the existing Preve is something I would not look forward to.  It is designed with current safety and environmental requirements for it to be sold out of the ASEAN region.  This means the front in large and high to accomodate the pedestrian safety requirements.  It will also have to meet Euro 3 or 4 emission standards.  Therefore there is much strangling of the engine.  The Preve sedan weighs in at 1300kg. The hatch sports a shorter rear overhang, but a larger rear window.  So we might see that weight might not be compromised and stands at the same 1300kg or thereabouts.


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