Lessons from Porsche owners

RSR engine mount bar – Page 2 – Pelican Parts Technical BBS.

I had the idea of reducing more weight.  A lot of my friends just dumped something like RM 2,000.00 for a factory Carbon Fiber unit and the claimed savings was about 7kg.  I doubt it very much.  I have carried it myself.  Its bulky and the strength to hold it was more spent on trying to get it balanced onto the mountings.

I have found this picture from a Porsche owner forum.  It started off a plans to change engine mounting of a rear wheel drive car.  This was impressive.  The model itself is pretty light and powerful.  What drew my attention was the work done on the bonnet (or hood for you Americans) of the engineless front of a car.  A car which is honestly light in the first place yet was known to be slap happy around the bends.  So a lighter front end seemed to be the last thing you would want?

Cheezing a Hood

I think its important to leave untouched the material close to hinges as the weight will transfer on it before reaching the hinge.  This hood above may be light but its also shaky.  I especially hate moving bonnets at high speed.


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