MAA seeks longer feed-in tariff period for hybrid cars

MAA seeks longer feed-in tariff period for hybrid cars

I am going to do this like Tun Dr. Mahathir in point form.  The Hybrid car in Malaysia is a pet peeve of mine.  Why is this so?  Reasons

  1. As I have calculated the Total Cost of Ownership of a hybrid defeats it purpose in subsidized petrol land of Malaysia.  A hybrid’s price, even after the 0% tax that it gets, is so expensive, that it would take 28 years to get back the savings on a similarly petrol engined car2012 Honda Comparison
  2. The Fuel Consumption on the CivicHybrid does not look much better than my Satria Neo R3 does it?  The Civic Hybrid uses a 1.5cc engine mated to motors.  Yet it cost 50% more.  The top 3 in the comparison list has the same capacity engine of 1.5litres.  It seems the more you save; the more you pay.  What’s the bloody point?
  3. Any battery will not last forever. Rechargeable or otherwise.  Be it car batteries, mobile phones, tablets.  You name it.  If the warranty for an auto battery that you shelved USD3,000 for is for 5 years.  It would have estimated to have 7 years of life.  The warranty period is always the safest bet for any manufacturer.
  4. This makes it that after 7 years of ownership, either you sell it off to the next punter, or buy new batteries.  Either way, the 26 years Return on Investment just got longer.
  5. It sucks.  Has anybody driven one?  Because the battery is big, huge and heavy either
    • Its too long or
    • Its too cramped or
    • Its an SUV which is an moronic reason for a hybrid
  6. If you really want fuel savings AND reduce carbon emissions; its LPG.  There is more subsidy for cooking fuel than it is for transport.  That’s the main reason why there is no LPG cars in Malaysia.  The subsidies will be enormous.  But they sell the Persona Ecologic in the UK where LPG is not subsidized.  And it makes bloody good sense.
  7. Bankers of the World have been asking Malaysia to reduce its subsidy on fuel.  This is (allegedly) reduce the public from unrealistic low cost of living.  Apparently they are not too happy that life in Malaysia is much cheaper.  This is yet another lie for European automakers to sell their diesel here.  Nobody here likes diesel because they remind us of old cramped Bus Mini that we used to depend on to get outselves to and from work.  Well ask them to reduce their subsidies on veggies and they’ll shut up.  About the only thing that stopped the World Trade Organization from coming to a common agreement.
  8. Adam Smith; “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public.”  That is what the MAA is.  Malaysian Automotive Association.  In many known worlds such a collaboration of the Automotive Industry is illegal.  Its known as ANTI COMPETITION.   I’d will it to be dissolved.  We all know there’s only one real Malaysian manufacturer.  The other is a proxy for a foreign maker.  While the rest are all selling somebody else’s car.  Assembling is NOT making.  MAA only stands for the benefit of selling more cars which ‘ends in a conspiracy against the public‘.  Of which this is it.  I am so amazed that nobody has taken this seriously.

LISA – Free/Affordable Finite Element Analysis Software


LISA – Free/Affordable Finite Element Analysis Software.

LISA is a mathematical program to calculate and show various effects on a material. The calculation method is known in engineering as Finite Element Analysis. Its breaking up a piece of material into smaller and simpler planes. It then calculates this parts individually. It then compares the part next to it and applies the same calculation method again.

LISA comes as a free download for calculations based on up to 1300 nodes, or points of calculation. I intend to play around and get familiar with it. Then I can think of using it somewhere in the near future.  The main area where I think I should be looking into is the front suspension arm of the MacPherson strut.  This seems ambitious for the moment as I would actually need to get hold of one.  I would then need to take measurements off it and buid the model in LISA.