LISA – Free/Affordable Finite Element Analysis Software


LISA – Free/Affordable Finite Element Analysis Software.

LISA is a mathematical program to calculate and show various effects on a material. The calculation method is known in engineering as Finite Element Analysis. Its breaking up a piece of material into smaller and simpler planes. It then calculates this parts individually. It then compares the part next to it and applies the same calculation method again.

LISA comes as a free download for calculations based on up to 1300 nodes, or points of calculation. I intend to play around and get familiar with it. Then I can think of using it somewhere in the near future.  The main area where I think I should be looking into is the front suspension arm of the MacPherson strut.  This seems ambitious for the moment as I would actually need to get hold of one.  I would then need to take measurements off it and buid the model in LISA.


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