Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept – Car Body Design

Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept – Car Body Design.

Continuing my interests in car up skirts photos, I peeked into one of the anticipated design from a french automaker; Renault.  The car that makes my heart aflutter is the Alpine concept car.

If you look at the broadside it was supposed to be as close as possible with the 2012 Renault Megane and its iteration from Renaultsport.

Like many arm chair browsing artist, I used major search engines to find some pictures of the frame of the current production car against that of the concept car.

Renault Megane Chassis

What you see is totally different.  While the production car is mostly pressed metal plates welded or screwed together, you see it differently on the concept car.  The concept is all bits of tubes held together by either welding or brazing and perhaps glue.

Tubular skeleton of Concept A110-50

The ‘Cup’ chassis is prevalent with anything with Megane RS sitting in the middle.  While searching for more tell-tale pictures, it seems that the hatch chassis is lighter by 25kg.  But of course the bhp on the RS blown 4 pot is double that of the undisclosed name for the normal 4 pot on the pedestrian hatch/sedan Megane.

But the different chassis in engineering used is a well known subject.  It is definitely cheaper to produce tubular skeleton if you only making a handful.  Pressed plate chassis is only economical when there is volume to consume the production.  You cannot discount the fact that when you do change from one offs to volume, there is bound to be trade offs.  In this case it is stiffness.  Something has just got to give.  The tubular cage is indeed a method used to meet intent; marketing.  While the pressed steel chassis is one for the real world.  The majority of commuters do not need the stiffness that enthusiasts yearn for.

No one would even think that this will even go into production as a commuter car.  This is after all; an Alpine.  If you think the RS models were rare, this will be rarer still.


The Other Car

People Mover! I hear you shout.  Truly agreeable with you on that one.  It is NOT a car.  Its a bus.  Initially it was an embarrassing idea to have one.  Yet I have a family with three above average size children with above average appetite.  Plus we used to have a lived in maid from Indonesia.  Therefore, it is a must have.  It is a Hyundai Trajet GLS circa 2002 but we bought it in 2004.  The only automatic transmission car that I own.  My wife actually owns it.  I just pour in the fuel and pay the monthly dues and do all the maintenance on it.MyTrajet

A bit of history.  Hyundai made this to compete against the Toyota Estima, Honda Oddysey and the GM/Opel Zafira.  Wherever they meet.  I would think Asians would be the preferred market as the Europeans are dead set on station wagons.  Aisans tend to have a sizeable family extended or not.

It drinks a lot.  Petrol I mean.  Wherever you go except for national highways which seem to be just about ‘ok’.  The fuel consumption is a real issue when it does not travel in one huff.  Stop and Go traffic is stressful on the heart and the wallet.  It does not have a fuel consumption meter.  Which makes it hard to guess how efficient it is at doing its thing.  However, big lugs like this are the ones that supposed to get the highest attention.  Reducing fuel consumptions on behemoths should be the main focus of car designers.

Therefore, in the spirit of chasing efficiency, I plugged in the washing machine hose thingy into the airbox.  Drilled an M25 hole and simply push it in.  The other end with the funnel could be placed anywhere.  So I did.

Airbox mod

Interface done with airbox

The Trajet's turn

Secondary Intake for Hyundai Trajet

I had it go through various orifices.  I had to remove the front grille to make my hand accessible to where I want it.  I then decided to run it through the bottom grill.  I found this not to be the ideal place.  The wake from the bumper would have a slight pressure drop where I had it.  It ws a bit lengthy and would cause some measure of pressure loss.

Since then I had cut it up and placed it just over the left light cluster.   What I do want to see is using a snorkel and mount it right over the radiator.  That would be Trajet Snorkel 2.0

I still have no clue if there was any improvement.  I leave that one to faith.