NASA ADS: Influence of fuel temperature on atomization performance of pressure-swirl atomizers

NASA ADS: Influence of fuel temperature on atomization performance of pressure-swirl atomizers.

I have been going through the publicly accessible data throughout the internet on the difference in fuel consumption of caricatured engines and fuel injection.  All point to the possibility that carbed engine CAN be much more efficient.  The web leads me to websites that allegedly champions the carb.  When you go through the details there is always an air of a Conspiracy Theorists.   People were saying that the technology for 200mpg engines existed for decades and it was just the big corporations did not want to see it happen.

I have my own perception on these so called energy savers.  Its not truly a carburetor. It is more of an evaporator.  The thinking that gasoline does not burn as a liquid is a known fact.  Carburetors are bad at making small droplets as there are no effect that could separate the layers and the surface tensions of liquids.  But carbs work when you need power.  They were and still are effective to give you the power that you want.  Not the economic side though.

Doing another search revealed that much has been known of the effect of higher temperature on fuel.  It has been archived by Automotive Engineers

It may seem that using microwave to heat up a sample of fuel a bit over engineering but they have always been known to do so.

This NASA link however is not a full report on the study but it does indicate for temperatures between -20 to 50degC, there is an effect on droplet size.  Although the full report would make a compelling reading, suffice to say that it has be researched.

Two separate results from two different engineering entities should lead me to somewhere close to heart.  A simple solution. It cannot be as simple as my previous ones but it should save money and it should be simple for most people to make themselves.


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