Fog lamp covers

I have many ideas that swims around in my head.  Often it just distracts me from my main intentions.  I would compartmentalize them into neat boxes in my brain box and try to hide it away in a brain shelf and hopefully it would reappear for later review.  Mid March 2014, I had bought some plastic sheet of clear plastic.  I think these are polyethylene.  Commonly sold in stationary shops for covering of school books.  Much earlier than this; was the thought of streamlining the front fenders that ignited this idea.  I had it pushed aside very often.  I bought the sheets so I could cover the fog lamps.

In standard form, the fog lamps would be recessed behind the front fender.  Approximately a 60cm diameter hole would allow light to pass and shine the front drive path.  In reality, it just adds more view of the lower part of a driver’s point of view.  It doesn’t provide much but it really works in total pitch darkness and helps you to avoid a rain gutter at 120km/h.  It’s functional and I like it.  However, it appeared to me as contributing to aerodynamic inefficiencies.  There is actually a gap between the hole and the front of the lamp covers to let air through.  But it also lets small pebbles or other such items to crash into the covers and effectively smash it to bits.  Such is what happened to my driver’s side lamp.  See first picture below.

One of the reasons why I procrastinated in doing something about it is because I felt it was insignificant.  It could not possibly contribute much.  I have trolled Ecomodder’s website and saw nobody had done it.  That seemed to be my sane part of the brain trying to appease my lower curiosity lobe.  But I failed miserably.  So yes, I had to do it otherwise it would annoy me no end.  So here they are:-

Covered fog lamp with thin clear sheet plastic used for book coverings

Driver Side Covered fog lamp with thin clear sheet plastic used for book coverings

Covered fog lamp with clear sheet plastics meant for book coverings

Passenger Side Covered fog lamp with clear sheet plastics meant for book coverings


I had to try and measure how these affected my fuel consumption.  I drove around Putrajaya and did the Fuel Consumption thing.  By measured value there was; as I suspected insignificant improvement if any.  It could be so minute that we could only see improvements beyond 100km.  In driving, I had felt the front end to be slightly lighter as if down force was reduced.  I welcome that as a reduction in down force means I could offset with less rear down force when I put my Adjustable Spoilers in.

There done.  Now go away; you annoying idea.


One thought on “Fog lamp covers

  1. Haha, look forwards to see your end product for the adjustable rear spoiler.
    Its fun to read and see your work.

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