This is one of those Excuse Post that tells you what I have been doing for the few months without any updates.  Its going to be just pictures.  I am contemplating registering my current work as an Intellectual Property with the Malaysian IP Office.  This does not make me backtrack on my support for Open Source inventing.  The Adjustable Spoiler is rightfully Open Source while this is not.  I shall be making an air deflector.  I need to protect the design as it is truly my own.  Its like making a spoiler from scratch.  And by showing these pictures, anybody could do it.  Therefore it still has it part in this blog with the exception that it is not really simple for me to come up with it.  I am not talking about the pencil sketches, Sketchup models and DoubleCad XT 5 that I made prior to really hands on down to the dirt work I did in the back of my house.  I am talking about the amount of work going into cutting the wooden pieces, gluing, screwing, filing and general woodwork.  Then fitting every bit and pieces onto the back of the car to make everything… well er… fit.


Deflector and Jig


The main surface is made up of laminated cork material.  It came off one of the IKEA wardrobe that we had to dispose off to a newly married brother in law.  We had two of the enclosures.  We scavenged parts from one to repair the other.  We end up with some nice boards and material that contributes to my material storage (or junk if you are a housewife).  I could not use the cork board on its own as it was flimsy.  It does not have enough rigidity to achieve what I wanted.  So I had this pieces cut from a single board and pasted them together with contact glue.  But I had to make a jig to force the pieces to form an arch while the glue is drying.  Contact glue is insufficient to hold the shape for very long.  I would need to cover it with resin to force it to retain its shape AND make it waterproof.  This is cork that we are talking about.  Compressed Cork board that will easily expand when water creeps in and dry off.



Side Bracers

For want of the real engineering name I would call them just Bracers.  This are intended for the mounting of the Deflector and holding them to the bases below.  Notice how the pieces are identical.  Manual filing is required to keep the shape that I wanted.  At this point in time, a general shape as close as possible to the intended final product requires wood working techniques that I have stopped using since my teens.



This third part shall be the base where the bracers shall be attached. The base shall be mounted on the hatch of the car using 6mm bolts.  I have yet to source for a suitable retaining nut that is suitable.


I find woodworking as very satisfying.   It is a forgiving material.  My late father had woodworking as a hobby that consumed him after his retirement from the Government.   It just occurred to me that it is a dying skill here in Malaysia if not already extinct.  But it gives me the flexibility to make a prototype.  I do not foresee using wood or cork making its way as part of the final product but I must say it is an option I would like to keep.  You do not even need special training to work with wood.  Therefore I just lowered the ease of getting manpower to do it.  I may however use it as a composite material.  But I need to answer myself; Why?



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