Purchased Products

I am not saying that you can do all the modifications on your own.  Some changes I did which would have pictures here include purchased products.  Wherever I can, I would purchase local products.  If none was available, such as alloy bolts, I would go online.

One of the earlier enhancement which I did was accidental.  The 4-2-1 header (or exhaust manifold) came with the car uninstalled.  There were many ‘un official’ reasons for this of which I shall not deliberate.  After approximately 3 months of ownership I found the 3rd port flange having a pinhole puncture.  I diagnosed this to be impurities hidden inside the weld joint.  I was denied warranty claim after I had it Mig Welded.  So yes, it was my fault. I was ignorant as I never had a brand new car with 50k warranty.  But I had a solution.  I went to Powerzone in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.  I ordered a new set of headers.  These new sets were found to have a better design.  It had a larger radius curve upon exit from the port.  The tuned length made way for the air conditioning tubes and return hoses.  Which made it a convenient purchase.

Now in retrospect, I have seen pictures of the 2008 Satria Neo R3.  This is an article that appeared in a locally produced site Zerotohundred.com.  If you scroll midway of the site, there is a picture of the header in that model.  That has a smoother exit transition compared to the 2011 Neo R3 stock.


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